Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility is one of the strategic orientations of the CABLEX Group. We have incorporated the principles of sustainable development into our business, products, and services that take into account economic, social, and environmental balance.


As a group of companies operating in the global market, we strive to provide an open corporate culture based on the integration and mutual respect of our employees, customers, and suppliers.



Our employees are an invaluable source of knowledge and experience and are crucial for the sustainable development of the company. Only employees who feel safe and valued at work can do their job with satisfaction and contribute the most.


We strive to provide conditions that enable our employees to work in a safe and clean environment. Our goal is to continue to build an environment where creativity, quality of work, and individual development play an important role. We place great emphasis on the growth and development of our employees, who play a key role in achieving our goals and results.



CABLEX is involved in the local environment in which we operate, therefore we strive to find ways to actively participate and contribute to positive change and a better standard of living for our employees, local communities, and society at large.


Every year, we support projects we believe in. We spend most of our sponsorship and donation resources on promoting non-profit activities in the local environment, especially those where our employees are active, either through their own involvement or through the activities of their children. We provide numerous opportunities for free recreation and participation in sports games and events for our employees and their family members.


We care. We are sensitive to the hardships of our employees - our colleagues who suffer and need help. Our social mission remains unchanged throughout the years of our existence - to recognize distress and offer help.



We are committed to sustainable development and thus to the permanent protection of the natural environment in which we operate. Through continuous and consistent systematic management and compliance with legal and other regulations pertaining to our activities, we strive to prevent and minimize any undesirable effects on the environment.


We have incorporated our environmental responsibility into all business processes, focusing on those where the environmental impact is the largest. We have set up an environmental management system that complies with the international environmental standard ISO14001.


All materials used in CABLEX production do not contain any harmful substances. They are also compliant with RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation. The materials intended for the automotive industry comply with IMDS and GADSL recommendations.




Trust us the challenge and together we will try to find the most suitable solution.