Successful company with excellent technological equipment

Own technical know-how and unlimited creativity and flexibility in finding the most suitable solutions for our customers environments.

Global market

We operate in the global market, enabling a wide range of career opportunities at home and abroad.

Interesting work environment

Innovative products and services, diverse work assignments, and new work practices.

Personal and professional development

We recognize our talents and potentials. Our company offers personal and professional development through continuous education, training and promotion within the entire CABLEX group. We successfully develop specific expertise through Cablex's in-house Professional School.

Good relationships and mutual respect

We cultivate good relationships and mutual respect, which are a prerequisite for successful work. We build genuine and good relationships and we encourage open communication. Through regular gatherings at picnics and New Year's parties and team buildings, we take care of the well-being of our employees.

Additional pension insurance

We pay additional pension insurance for our employees after one year of employment at Cablex.

Leisure sports activities

We encourage leisure sports activities in rented halls (volleyball, football, aerobics, etc.).

We give presents to the children

We give presents to the children of our employees and invite Santa Claus for a visit.


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With the support of qualified Cablex mentors, we offer pupils and students the opportunity to perform compulsory professional internships, scholarships and writing of final assignments, and to perform compulsory work placements. We also facilitate the production of seminar and diploma papers under the mentorship of our employees.


Our cables and your energy are the perfect connection!


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