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CABLEX Group is one of the world's leading system developers and suppliers of wire harnesses, plastic and silicone components, and various mechanical assemblies. We create innovative and customized turnkey business solutions based on our own technology platforms, which offer our customers a competitive edge.

More than thirty years of experience in the field of wire harnesses, a superior team of engineers and skilled sales support are our guarantee for a first-class product that will ensure the safe and smooth operation of your product.

At 13 production sites across Europe, Turkey, in China, India and Mexico with a total area of more than 70,800 m2, we are reliable and responsive business partners.


  • 13 production sites
  • Global presence
  • Financial stability - AAA rating
  • State-of-the-art automated machine park with more than 200 automated machines in the field of wire harnesses and more than 40 in the field of plastic injection moulding
  • Experienced staff
  • Own R&D offering customized turn-key solutions
  • Zero error principle
  • Fully optimized supply chain
15 / 3,500 15 companies and 3,500 employees
210 mil € Sales income in FY2021
5 CONTINENTS present in +50 countries
ISO 14001:2015 Sustainability & Efficiency
ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949


Providing innovative tailor-made solutions in the field of wire harnesses, plastic and silicone products, custom mechanical assemblies, and tools for manufacturers of electronic devices for the home appliances, automotive, and other industries.


We are an innovative, reliable, and stable long-term business partner to our customers, suppliers, and employees. The use of our advanced engineering, technology, the experience of our diverse teams, capital, and all available resources gives us the ability to develop and offer first-class products for our valued customers. We are socially responsible and we care for the development of our employees.


We live up to our values, which are focused on ensuring sustainable business excellence in all of our business processes, with the aim of providing a strong foundation for achieving the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.


PERFECT stands for



People make business, people make the difference. We care for our employees; they are the drivers of change and development.


We put maximum effort into what we do and how we do it. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of our products and services and to serve our customers with a competitive edge.


We strive to be honest, reliable, attentive to quality, and efficient. This is our foundation of building long-term relationships with our clients.


An entrepreneurial mindset is crucial for success in business and in life. That is the unique and empowering way entrepreneurs and innovators think about things.


We are running an environmentally friendly business, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact and to improve sustainability.


A sure path to success. We are encouraging our employees to think outside of the box and giving them time and resources to explore new areas for innovative ideas, which are the key to cost-effective business solutions.


The tidiness of the business and working environment is the basic parameter of the quality level of the company. Tidiness also stands for transparency, honesty, and highest business ethics.

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Creating innovative and customized solutions in the field of wire harnesses, plastic and silicone components and various mechanical assemblies for the home appliances, automotive, and other industries.

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The foundation of our long-term success are our satisfied customers.


Trust us the challenge and together we will try to find the most suitable solution.